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Thesis is prepared individually or collectively and constitutes an independent scientific and systematic approach and analysis of an issue, based on existing literature and utilizes the knowledge and skills acquired during the studies.

Master Thesis Projects

The Centre for Integrated Student Support Academic Support Ltd can provide you with full support for Master’s Theses, Dissertation (EAP – APS) & Postgraduate Theses (consultation, bibliography, typesetting, formatting etc.). We also offer thesis support for Cyprus and UK Universities.

Dissertation Prospectus

At Academic Support, we are able to support the student in one of the most important parts of the student’s daily life, the term papers. Semester assignments are not the extent of a dissertation , however they may have increased requirements. We responsibly undertake support for semester work in any field, whether it is supplemental to the grade or exempt. We guarantee consistency in delivery dates and give you the opportunity to communicate directly with the professor assigned to your assignment.

Doctoral Proposals

Academic Support can offer you full support for doctoral dissertations. Doctoral assistance focuses on the bibliography, typesetting, formatting and presentation of your dissertation.

Doctoral Dissertations

Academic Support can offer you full support for doctoral dissertations. Doctoral assistance focuses on the bibliography, typesetting, formatting and presentation of your Dissertation.

Translation Services

Academic Support Ltd’s translation centre is the secure solution for its clients’ translations as it has a wide range of reliable, conscientious and experienced translators.

Power point Presentations

Undertaking Power point presentations, collecting questionnaires, preparing notes, preparing students for the final presentation of their student work. (DTE, TRA, IMY, LCY, etc.).

Exams Tutoring

Statistics tutorials (e.g. SPSS/PASW, Stata etc.) are adapted by our tutors to the requirements and knowledge level of the students.

The programming language of the MATLAB software is a high-level language. The courses at Academic Support Ltd’s tutorial are intended for people who have no previous experience in programming and MATLAB environment, or have limited experience and wish to delve deeper into the subject.


Eviews is one of the most widely used econometric programs in the world, and provides statistical processing, forecasting and modelling tools.

The purpose is to analyse economic data, present the results in graphical form and build econometric models which can be used for policy analysis, various simulations, etc.

Qualitative Analysis

Academic Support Ltd undertakes the whole process of advising for applications to foreign Universities (UK, Netherlands, Germany and other countries such as USA ) for undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduate (Master) degrees.

It is a personalized multi-faceted counselling to fit the profile of each candidate, guaranteeing the best results. Academic Support Ltd’s “comprehensive service includes:

  • Extensive and in-depth information on higher education studies abroad (undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, summer programmes, foundation and language), on qualifications and admission requirements, cost of living, university rankings, the relationship between degrees and institutions and the labour market, additional services provided by each University, etc.
  • Advice on the specialisations that may be most suited to each student.
  • Guidance in the search and selection of the appropriate educational institution and study programme based on the profile and preferences of each candidate Training for obtaining the requirements – scores (IELTS, GMAT etc.) set by the Universities.
  • Full guidance in completing and submitting the application Appropriate translations of supporting documents Drafting of an appropriate CV
  • Instructions for securing appropriate letters of recommendation
  • Drafting of a Personal Statement – Motivation Letter Possible ways of waiving some prerequisites or tests.
  • Monitoring of applications and communication with universities.

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